General Rules

* Rule 1: Objective

The general conditions indicated in this article concerned. Sales by the  company M.S For gifts. Which presents authentic products of Morocco.

 * Rule 2: Price

 The prices of our products are indicated in Dollar, Euro an in Dirham includes all taxes (TVA and other applicable Taxes in the day of order).

M.S for gifts has the right to change price lists (rates) at any time knowing that the price of the products is the one shown on the site at the time of the order.

 * Rule 3: Orders

You can make Order only in our Site. Http://

 * Rule 4: Validation of the order

Any order made on the www.moroccan site supposes the acceptance of the  general terms of use.

 * Rule 5: Payment

The validation of your Order implies for you the acceptance to pay the indicated price. The payment of your purchases is made by bank card  through the sort system paysone.

* Rule 6: Availability

our products are identical to the visible products on the Site and in the limits  of Unavailability of products after signing of your order we shall inform you by Email. Your order will automatically be cancelled and no   banking,  debit will be done.

 * Rule 7: Delivery

Products are delivered to the address indicated during the process of the  order, by the carrier company chosen by you for at the time indicated on the page of validation of the order. In case of delay in delivery , an E-mail will be sent to you to inform you. M.S.for gifts company declares it shall not responsible for the delay of the expedition censed the   unavailability of the customer after several appointments.

 * Rule 8: Responsibilities

M.S for gifts company declare itself, not responsible for damage caused after au Mysore of the bought product.Indeed the company M.S for gifts  cannot be held liable for any damages inherent to the use of the internet, including a break in service, external intrusion, or presence of computer viruses. 

 * Rule 9: Intellectual property 

All sections site remain the exclusive intellectual property of M.S.for gifts. No one has the right to produce, or use for any purpose whatsoever sections of the  site. Any single link or hyperlink is strictly prohibited without written approval from M.S. for gifts.

 * Rule 10: Personal informations

 The M/S/ for gifts compny has the right to saveguard personnal Data for use in the management of your order .

They can be also transmitted to the companys wich contribute to these relations such as those in charge of the delivery .

 This information is also stored for security reasons.

* Rule 11: Archiving

The company M.S. for gifts will archive purchase orders and invoices on a reliable and durable as a true copy. The records of the M.S. for gifts will be considered by all concerned parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions occurred.